The Dead Scene Poems

…is a long form concept project presented across multiple mediums, and built around a double album


The Dead Scene Poems is a reflection of our 21st century values, cast through the prism of a culture without meaning, purpose or value. The inescapable digital realm has created an endless ocean of worthless ephemera and collectively we strive to find connections between completely disparate elements, in the hope that our lives will be filled. With meaning, purpose and value.

In the place of memorable experiences seared upon our souls we now have lives the equivalent of Easter Eggs in a Marvel movie. Little moments that suggest meaningful inter-connectivity and being part of some larger picture, some big plan, but are merely hollow gestures designed to flick a switch in our brains, and keep us coming back for the next hit. Instead of watching a TV series, reading a series of books or going to a play we can simply have the relevant plot points broken down in a clickbait post, or we can watch someone else watch it and observe their reactions in the place of our own. All the while, fascism and exceptionalism blossoms outside the window.

The Dead Scene Poems exists through time and space. It is designed as a long form piece of work that it is difficult to fully experience. There is no ‘short version’, though there are options for the level of interaction.

Known aspects of The Dead Scene Poems project include:

  • Four EPs originally released in 1971, 1984, 1999 and 2001 by unknown artists.
  • A Novella entitled “The Red Sea Poems’ that was written by Aimee Harlow in 1995 but remained unreleased until 2022.
  • A 40 page fanzine entitled “Collected Ephemera Burning”, originally compiled and released by Clara Yorke in 1997. It contains all poems / lyrics from the project + annotations from at least two different sources and accompanying artwork. The fanzine ran from 1996 until 2006.
  • LISTEN: A Text Adventure. Created in 1984, this has been shared in recent years online.
  • Are You Awake? was an installation in Wakefield shown during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • The original live recording of “The Dead Sea Poems” made by One Day, After School… in 2017.
  • A series of abstract paintings created in 1955, all untitled.
  • A rough cut of a documentary exploring the disappearance of author Aimee Harlow, compiled by Declan Howe.
  • A further selection of items held in storage in 2033 including; A postcard from 1972, cuttings of unknown sheet music, a floppy disk with LISTEN written on it but contents unknown, email correspondence relating to Dead Sea Poems rights usage

You may access some of these elements in the following ways:

  • The physical release of The Dead Scene Poems is a double vinyl record. It contains all 20 tracks from the record + the “Collected Ephemera Burning” zine, a PDF version of “The Red Sea Poems” and the “further selection of items”.
  • A physical copy of The Red Sea Poems, which includes a reduced version of The Dead Scene Poems’ essential 10 tracks in download form.
  • A physical copy of “Collected Ephemera Burning” which includes a reduced version of The Dead Scene Poems’ essential 10 tracks in download form.
  • A simple download of the reduced version of The Dead Scene Poems‘ essential 10 tracks.
  • The four separate EPs available on streaming platforms.