The Dead Scene Poems

…is an ongoing project that will be released periodically across 2021, culminating in the release of a double album that will bring together the full narrative of The Dead Scene Poems. The project includes music – some instrumental, some with vocals, some live projects + paintings, photography, found objects, a text adventure, poetry, a zine, short films and a documentary.

Released to date:

The Film Between The Takes EP1” – a digital only instrumental 4 track EP.

The Long Dark” Official Music Video

The Dead Sea Poems (Live) recording of the sole live performance of the original commission show

Are You Awake? A0 image designed and displayed as part of Wakefield Artwalk

Listen (single) – Digital Single with Video

Are You Awake? Film & Single – Digital Single with Video

The Film Between The Takes EP2 – second Digital EP of instrumental work

Coming Soon:

Listen: A Text Adventure

Music For No One Single

“Collected Ephemera Burning” poetry and illustration book

Clean Stories For Clean People Single

Untitled Documentary

I Am Destroyed Single

Asunder Film Trailer

Digital Singles Collection

Listen: A Text Adventure Soundtrack

“The Dead Scene Poems” album on double vinyl with multiple inserts and additional material