ODAS is the music based project of Dean Freeman and is focused on individual project / concept based work either self created or through commission. This involves a collaboratively based approach to the creation of music in response to a project theme or idea. There is also a strong push for a multimedia approach to project outcomes, working with writers, poets, visual artists, game designers and theatre practitioners.


In 2022 ODAS released an ambitious multi-media project entitled The Dead Scene Poems, comprising of a 20 track double album (vinyl), a 40 page poetry zine, a 37,000 word novella and a fully coded 80s style text adventure.

The same year, ODAS completed the commissioned project “This Mess We’re In“, an innovative project that saw a shows worth of new music written, in order to act as a backing to new spoken word performances, from students at Leeds City College.

ODAS received support from Arts Council England’s prestigious DYCP programme.

ODAS was awarded funding through the much sought after Help Musicians #DoItDifferently fund to develop visual aspects of our Dead Scene Poems project and experiment in collaboration with artists working in different mediums.

ODAS is currently exploring new projects and seeking to work on brand new commissions and bespoke projects, with one-off live shows planned across the year.


ODAS believes that sound is the most emotionally engaging artform, that almost anyone can connect with it, and as such it is our chosen method to create and share stories and ideas.

ODAS creates through detailed processes that marry skill and selection with moments of chance and improv. We relish the process and treat our craft with care. The creation of layers of meaning and sound give our work its purpose, whether that is a vast soundscape or the simplest of songs. 

ODAS creates immersive sounds, songs and words. Then we record, perform and present them by the most effective means available.